editorial services

Aside from writing, one of my biggest passions is helping other authors meet their goals. First in my Alaska community as a board member for the Alaska Writers Guild, Writer In Residence and guest panelist at Alaska Pacific University, and presenter at The Alaska Writers Conference. Then on a wider scale as a presenter for Highlights as well as a Pitch Wars mentor.

Whether you're just tossing a potential idea around or preparing to query, I'll help you navigate your next steps toward your publishing goals!

"so I want to write a book..."

We've all been there. Maybe it's your first foray into writing a whole book, or maybe you've written a few and you're looking for some help getting started. Either way, I'm here to help you on your way to a finished manuscript. For me, that always starts with a very detailed outline.

Outline Assistance

I'll help you outline your book. You read that right! Come to me with an idea, and we'll work through your outline and find something that works for you.

$50 per hour

Outline Coach

A step-by-step coaching process through my 9 step outlining method. This can be done at your own pace and includes step-by-step personal instruction and feedback. 


"so I wrote the book... now what?"

You did it! You wrote the book! Now it's time to buckle down and make that manuscript shine! 

Plot Doctor

Sometimes writing a book can feel like you're claiming a mountain without a map. If you're not sure where this story is going (or maybe where it should go) we can talk it through and figure out a way up that mountain. 

$50 per hour

Developmental Edit Letter

After reading your manuscript, I'll provide a detailed edit letter with suggestions related to plot, character development, voice, setting, etc. This includes a one hour call to discuss any feedback. 

$0.006 per word

Developmental Edit Letter

and Line Notes

In addition to a detailed developmental edit letter, I'll also provide in-line comments in your manuscript.

$.008 per word

"so I need to query a book..."

So you're ready to send your book out to agents. I absolutely loved the querying process, and I'm here to help you find the joy in it as well! 

Query Critique

Your query is the first thing that agents see. Therefore, it's the just as important as those opening pages you've spent so much time polishing. I'll provide detailed feedback on your query letter. This includes 3 passes, and a 30 minute phone call to discuss critique.


First 10 Page Critique

The first ten pages are so important. They show agents that you not only have a great idea, but that you can tell a great story. I'll provide detailed feedback on your first 10 pages that will discuss character development, plot, voice, setting, etc. This includes a 30 minute call to discuss the critique.  


Twitter Pitch Critique

Twitter Pitches are a great way to get agent attention. Detailed feedback on your twitter pitch can help. This includes 3 passes and a 20 minute call to discuss critique.


I want it all!

Okay, okay, so you want the whole package! You'll get the query critique, twitter pitch critique, synopsis critique, and first ten page critique as well as a one hour call to discuss the critiques.

$150 - Query, Twitter Pitch, Synopsis, First Ten Pages

$125 - Query, Synopsis, First Ten Pages

Synopsis Critique

No one enjoys a synopsis, and they can be hard to get down to two pages. I'll provide detailed feedback on your synopsis. This includes 3 passes and a 45 minute call to discuss the critique. 




Query Coaching

One on one coaching through the entire query process. I'll help you strategize a course of action based on your manuscript and goals, curate a list of agents to query, and navigate the ins and outs of the process.

$50 per hour