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about me

I hated high school. In fact, I spent more time reading and planning my getaway than I did paying attention in class. But by the time I graduated, that plan was flawless. I'd move to LA, becoming a famous actress, and marry Ashton Kutcher. Then, you know... happily ever after. 


***Spoiler alert - NONE of that happened. 


In life's most puzzling plot-twist, I write books for teens set in Alaska where I live (happily).

I'm Dante Medema, author of The Truth Project and Message Not Found  A former board member for the Alaska Writers Guild, I like to stay active in the writing community. I've presented at The Alaska Writers Conference, sat as the Writer in Residence at Alaska Pacific University, and have been involved in several mentorship programs. I'm passionate about helping other authors reach their goals, she spend way too much time giving writing tips on TikTok.  


When I'm not writing, I dabble in baking, cake decorating, and reading up on enneagram personality types. 

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